For as a man thinketh


If you still have a job, what do you think about?

When you wake up in the morning, you’re thinking about not wanting to go to work.  Once you arrive at work, you’re thinking about leaving.  While at work, you’re thinking about your job for 8 or more hours.  Once home, you’re thinking about what happened at work.  The majority of your day is spent thinking about your job.

Your thoughts are focused on activity that is making someone else very wealthy, but doing little to advance you.

For as a man thinketh…so is he

King Solomon, a biblical figure who is believed to be the wealthiest person in history said, “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

The heart is the residence of your burning desires and passions.  Whatever a person believes to be true of himself or her world, has no choice but to manifest.

For as a man thinketh…so are things

Napoleon Hill, author of the second-best selling book in history wrote, “thoughts are things.”  So, “think and grow rich.”

For thoughts are energy and things are energy.  What makes my thought of a gold bar different from a physical gold bar?  The intensity or frequency of vibrating energy.

For as a man thinketh…so will he attract.  When the thought becomes strong enough, the Universe must fill the physical void and attract whatever is being called upon.

For as a man thinketh…so are his riches

Warren Buffet, formerly the richest person on Earth said, “ I always knew I was going to be rich.  I don’t think I ever doubted it for minute.”

For as a man thinketh…so is his future

Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world, believes that “the greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

for as a man thinketh

David Imonitie with Ron Hilliard.

How do  you change your attitude? For as a man thinketh…so will his attitude follow.   You change your thoughts, and your new thoughts will change your heart.Your destiny is being created with every decision and every thought.

However, everything that you want is dependent upon making a decision that is outside of your comfort zone.

For as a man thinketh

Think outside of your comfort zone.  For your comfort zone is your broke zone.  Think big.  For ofttimes our belief is too small.  Think greatness.  For your expectations of the future should not be limited to what you’ve experienced in the past.  For as a man thinketh…so will the man experience, and for as a man thinketh…so will the man become.

For as a man thinketh



You become what you think about.

- David Imonitie, international success coach

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for as a man thinketh


Drink coffee? Don’t drink another cup until you read this

Stimulant. Addiction. Drug.

For years, those words would come to mind at the thought of coffee.

The few times that I experimented with coffee, I experienced increased heart rate and upset stomach. I followed it with the “pink bismuth.”  (Yes, I actually like the flavor of Pepto Bismol; but that’s another story.)  Coffee and I were like oil and water.  We never quite hit it off.

Drink coffee?  Not me.

drink coffee

Drink coffee?

Then, college rolled around with “all-nighters,” or sleep deprivation with the intent to study while half-asleep.  I was surrounded by the temptation of coffee and energy drinks. But I knew better than to drink coffee.

Fast forward to March 2012.

A mellow man named Rogers would drop off coffee, tea and hot chocolate at my job, and I would see people snatching up the products.

“What’s so special about your coffee?” I asked him on a cold, winter morning.

He began talking about the potentially negative health effects of the black liquid, one of the reasons I did not drink coffee.  “Finally, someone who’s honest about their products,” I thought to myself.

“But,” he said, “Organo Gold coffee is different.”

Why I now drink coffee

After learning what that meant, I have been drinking Organo Gold coffee ever since.  That conversation has not only changed my life, but the lives those who’ve asked me the same question.

What makes Organo Gold coffee so different?  Discover the answer!

Watch the video below.

Hint:  With Organo Gold…  Drink coffee.  Get health!  Drink coffee.  Get wealth!

Ready to experience the Organo Gold difference?drink coffee

Enough change in the machine?


Did you put enough change in the machine?

Be the change

It was lunchtime, and the man was looking forward to a quenching soft drink from the vending machine.

He counted his loose change and inserted it in the machine.  He pressed the button, and nothing… Irritated, he began shaking the rip-off-of-a-vending machine.

Suddenly, a lady approached him and asked what was wrong.

“This machine isn’t giving me what I want,” he replied.

“Read what it says,” she said. “You didn’t put in enough change.”

Have you put in enough change?

be the changeYour mind is a wealth-producing machine.  Your thoughts create your reality.  But in order to get optimal results, you must change what you listen to, what you watch, and what you speak.  Change your input.  Change your thoughts.  Change the internal and you will change the external.  Put in enough change and you will have a life change.

Do you need to make a life change?

Let’s have an out-of-body experience. Leap out of that body and look at yourself.

Do you like what you see? Are you living the life that you want?

Alright, back to body.

If your current circumstances do not match your blueprint of how your life ought to be, you must either change your blueprint; or as Mahatma Gandhi would say, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Decide to make a life change

You can either maintain a mindset that is POOR (Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly) or CHANGE (Choose Happiness And Never Give Excuses).

I choose to C.H.A.N.G.E.

Will you?

Join me on this journey. Get paid to CHANGE and EMPOWER yourself, while blogging about it, or any other topic.

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life change


Thank you for visiting Empower & Grow Rich with Ron Hilliard,

To your success,

be the change










Ron Hilliard


What can your job interview teach you about secrets to success?

Have you ever had a job interview in which you knew you were qualified and deserving, but you still felt the “butterflies” of nervousness rise in your gut?

how to manifest

Get rid of the butterflies

If so, those weren’t innocent little butterflies.  That was fear.  Any confidence about a positive outcome was crushed by fear of loss and fear of rejection.  You, inadvertently, doubted your creative powers to manifest your desires by your thoughts.

An interview works similarly to the Universe.


Your interview teaches how to manifest

With the interview, you want the job, and the interviewer wants you to be the one.  All you have to do is align with their requirements and vibe.

With the Universe, you want your request delivered and the Universe wants to do so.  All you have to do is align with its laws and emit the right vibrations.

The Universe wants you to not just survive, but thrive.  It wants to supply you with the desires of your heart.  Why?  Because the abundant Universe wants to express itself through you with an abundant life.

How to manifest your desires

Manifest what you want by “calling forth those things which be not, as though they (already) were” (Romans 4:17).  Your desires may not speak, but they can hear.  Declare them!  This is how to manifest.

Knowledge is power only when it’s applied.  Align with the Law of Attraction by taking action.  Enough reading.  Get your exclusive access to guaranteed secrets of success.  Click here, now!

Doctor: 'It was a tumor'


Should I go to the doctor?”

You’ve probably asked yourself this question.

Listen to your body

Your body.  My body.  Let’s get personal.  Let’s go back in time.

It’s Spring 2009, and it’s a beautiful day in Michigan.  “Let’s play catch,” my college roommate says.

I’m fit, but not very athletic.  Nonetheless, I agree.  After all, catching and throwing a  ball doesn’t require much skill, right?

Should I go to the doctorWe’re playing and the adrenaline is pumping.  It’s humid and I’m sweating.  I go in for the catch, but it’s a fast one—it’s a “bullet.”  Then, it jams my finger.  “Oh, man! Yeah, I’m done.”

Within in minutes, my left middle finger puts on a show.  It’s growing in size and changing colors.

“Man up!  You’ll be fine,” says my roommate.

Two days later, the finger is double the size and deep purple.

Should I go the doctor?

Should I go to the doctor?” I ask myself.  “Listen to your body,” the sensible voice in my head says.  I go to the clinic and the doctor tells me that that it’s a bad fracture.  Bone fragments have shifted.

He says, “You’re going to need therapy to regain full function.  Unfortunately, you’re uninsured.”  I realize that my health insurance coverage has been dropped.

“All that money.  So much for therapy!  I guess I’ll be ‘googling’: how to heal a jacked up finger,” I reckon.  “I also won’t be going to the doctor to see about this ‘cyst’ in my thigh.”

It’s now autumn.  I regain finger mobility after months of self-treatment.  I’m able to write again with my left hand.  By now, the “cyst” is causing sharp pains and numbness in my left thigh, and I’ve been battling the flu for about a month.

I drive to Detroit for job training.  I have a fever, shortness of breath, and delirium.  After training, my condition worsens.  I’m too weak to make the 90-minute drive home.  I, instead, drive to relatives in Detroit.  I am too confused to ask myself, “Should I go to the doctor?”  They make the decision for me and take me to the emergency. Should i go to the doctor

Lo and behold, it’s pneumonia, and my blood is dangerously septic.

A few months later, I’m still uninsured and the ‘cyst’ hasn’t dissolved.  I either can’t feel my leg at all or it’s consumed in pain.  I can barely walk.  The sensible voice returns and says, “listen to your body.”  This time, I heed the warning despite the costs.

The doctor feels the pea-sized mass through my skin and concurs that it’s probably just a “cyst.”

“I know it’s just a ‘cyst,’ but it’s been a year.  It’s so painful that I wish I could cut it out myself.” I respond.

He refers me to the appropriate specialist and surgeon.

I go under the knife

Several days after surgery, I return to the specialist for checkup.  “Do you know what we found?” he begins.  “It was a tumor—a long nerve sheath tumor wrapped around your nerves, deep in your tissue.”

He explains to me that permanent nerve damage in my leg may have been prevented, if only I had sought treatment sooner.

Listen to your body.

P.S.  Have bills or lack of money ever prevented you from properly caring for yourself or your family?  If so, never again let money come between you and your responsibilities.  Click here, now!

Should I go to the doctor

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